Looking Good

Looking Good … Every Day: Style Solutions for Real Women
By Nancy Nix-Rice, published by Palmer/Pletsch Publishing

Finally – a book that explains how any woman can look and feel lovely … every day, regardless of her age, her bank balance, or her pant size!Looking Good … Every Day: Style Solutions for Real Women, by image and wardrobe consultant Nancy Nix-Rice, sets out a simple yet sophisticated standard that women can use to determine which clothes and accessories will showcase their unique beauty.

That simple standardisPoints of Connection,which means that the more characteristics in common between a woman and her outfit, the lovelier she will look, and the more upscale her clothes will look as well.This book shows women how to “connect” their clothes, accessories, and makeup to every aspect of themselves: their coloring, body type and scale, facial characteristics, lifestyle, and personal style. Points of Connection shifts the emphasis from hiding figure “challenges” toward spotlighting personal assets. And when a woman understands what works for her, it’s easy to look good … every day!

Looking Good … Every Dayshows makeovers of real womenillustrating the impact that Points of Connection make in their appearance. Featuring a variety of sizes (4 to 24), ages (22 to 80), ethnicities and occupations, the book clearly demonstrates that this concept is effective for all women.

By choosing wardrobe additions through Points of Connection, women quickly find that everything in their closet works together in multiple ways, for multiple occasions. They no longer have “a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.” Instead, they have many more outfits from far fewer pieces of clothing, allowing them to buy higher-quality garments without increasing their budget.

The step-by-step process outlined in Looking Good … Every Daytakes the guesswork out of building an effective wardrobe. Readers will learn how to:

  • Pinpoint their most flattering color choices.

  • Create a personal “body map” to define their silhouette.

  • Recognize the best lines and designs for figure flattery.

  • Use Points of Connection to find their best makeup, hairstyles, and eyeglasses.

  • Define their unique style personality.

  • Link unexpected color combinations into stunning outfits.

  • Clean out and organize the clothes they already have.

  • Identify clothes worth keeping, and how to make them worth wearing.

  • Shop smart with sanity-saving strategies for any budget.

  • Pack easily and quickly to travel in style.

With these skills, any woman willbe able to build a capsule wardrobe of just 12 pieces that can yield an astonishing96 outfits! Plus, using the same principles she’ll be able to design smaller capsules for casual or dressy occasions. The result: a closet of outfits that look great on her!

Author Nix-Rice emphasizes that this is not a “fashion” book, but a book about style.It teaches timeless principles that empower women to look beyond short-lived fashion trends and identify the best choices for them. It debunks popular fashion myths and supposed must-haveslikethe “little black dress”and crisp white shirtthatshe says are truly flattering to only a few.The book replaces these generalities with more personalized concepts– little basic dresses and crisp light shirts – that every woman can embrace and make her own.

Looking Good … Every Dayis filled with information that lasts a lifetime, enabling women to update their choices as their personal characteristics change through the years.


Since 1989 image and wardrobe consultant Nancy Nix-Rice has transformed women’s lives by transforming the contents of their closets. Besides working with private clients, she travels across the U.S. presenting workshops on appearance and wardrobe for corporations, professional associations, and women’s conferences. She was among the first to earn AICI’s coveted “Certified Image Professional” certification. She also trained with the Professional Image Institute in Atlanta, and co-authored (with PII president Susan Bixler) The New Professional Image—Business Casual to the Boardroom.


Looking Good … Every Day
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Palmer/Pletsch Publishing, Portland, Ore.(March 17, 2014)

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PDF ISBN: 978-1-61847-041-6 pdf
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-61847-042-3
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